We develop simplified Open Source Business Solutions for an enterprising world.

Our ERP product – CoreERP, is a complete business solution which we develop, update, customise and implement for clients all around the globe.

CoreERP is an integrated system for managing and optimising enterprise wide performance. It is an ERP solution that is best suited for small to medium enterprises encompassing all aspects of the business.

You can read more about CoreERP here.

We also have other web based products that are under development.

Technologies we use

We work on a wide range of technologies like PHP, PostgreSQL, Java Script, bootstrap, docker etc. on the Linux platform.

The common factor being all the technologies we work with are all Open Source. We strongly believe in the Open Source principles. We have a community edition of CoreERP that can be used by anyone with requisite amount of skill

We constantly update ourselves with new technologies and share the passion to explore the unknown.

How we do it

We are a lean organisation with a small team. Our team members spread across different locations collaborate to work on projects.

Our development team consists of a mixture of Chartered Accountants, Analysts, Software Developers, Project Managers and Testers.

Our projects involve customising and implementing our products for clients and working together to develop new solutions.