We provide Management Consultancy to companies/clients in respect of:
  • Specific areas which require independent study and analysis.
  • Profitability analysis.
  • Identification of Accounting/Financial weakness and measures to solve them.
  • Guidance on adoption of appropriate Internal Control Mechanism and relevant areas of security.
  • Guidance on financial planning, project appraisal and budgeting.
  • Guidance on Setting of appropriate areas as Cost Centers and Profit Centers after taking into account the holistic picture of the organisation.
  • Setting up of Role-Responsibility Centers for proper distribution of work amongst organisation personnel.
  • Guidance on Business Process Re-structuring (BPR) in the manner most suitable to the type of organization after taking into account all factors.

Such services are provided generally to our clients based upon their requirements. An in-depth understanding of the clients during the development/implementation process along with our expertise on the financial side has paved the way for the same. Development of the software solution in the manner most suitable to a business organisation and using the system in the manner most desirable are two separate areas. With suitable guidance, the gap between the two can be minimized for business advantage.